Nov 19 - Feb 12

Teens for Jeans is back this winter, even bigger than last year! Check back on November 19th for full details and to sign up. 


people did it
people doing it

Creative Drives: When Schools Say No

When three members tried to hold a Teens for Jeans drive at school, the administration said no. Rather than call it quits, Melodie Rosen, Talia Rosen, and Suzie Zubkoff got creative on how they'd help homeless teens on their own.

"We created a Facebook Event and invited all of our friends. We included three drop off points...We are happy to say that
people have been dropping bags off at our buildings and we have made arrangements to pick others up," explains Melodie. "Next year we will approach our school again and if they say no, we will start earlier. We really believe in this cause and we are so glad that we figured out a way to be a part of it."

What Can You Do?

Tell us your jeans drive story. You could win a party for your school plus Aéropostale jeans for each of your classmates.