May 14 - Jul 24

Sign up for two free pairs of thumb socks and share them with your friends to stop them from texting and driving.


people did it
people doing it

Save your friends from the dangers of texting and driving AND win money for school!

$10,000 Scholarship

Two ways to enter:

Send 5 friends texting & driving stats

Use this form to send your friends some crazy stats on texting & driving. You'll qualify to win a $10,000 scholarship.

Send us your thumb pics

Sign-up above to get two pairs of thumb socks. Once you get your socks in the mail, take some pics of you and/or your friends wearing them and upload them here!

You'll DOUBLE your chances of winning
if you do both steps #1 and #2. One random participant will be selected to win. See the official rules & regulations for details.