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Thanks to you we sent out 80,000 thumb socks to prevent texting and driving!

Congrats to our scholarship winners: Ariba A., Jessica M., Jordan S., and Allison M!

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If you text while driving at 55mph, ur eyes can go off the road for the length of a football field!

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Thumb Vids
Toyota Teen Driver

Ryan J. was last year’s Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge Winner of $15,000. Think you can do better? Enter this year at!!

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Drive First
Sprint Drive First

Sprint offers Sprint Drive First, a wireless application that can limit phone calls and text messages while driving. Sprint Drive First automatically detects movement above 10 miles-per-hour and locks the cell phone. Incoming calls are directed to voicemail and incoming texts receive a standardized response. Learn more at

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Thumb Pics

Check out this year’s thumb heroes.

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Is texting and driving really that dangerous?

Totally. Here’s the stat that kills us: on average, texting while driving at 55mph takes your eyes off the road for the length of a football field!

Ah! That’s insane! What now?

Thumb Wars is closed for now, but check back next year when we launch again! For now, you can educate your friends about the dangers of texting and driving using the stat above the our Action Guide. You can also make your own socks (out of paper, fabric, even digitally!) and share them with friends.

This is kinda silly.

Isn’t it great? And that’s totally the point. We’ve learned that scare tactics push people away from learning about an issue. Thumb Wars is a way to make it fun for those you care about to learn how to be a bit safer. Go crazy! Have fun!

I never got my socks :(

We’re sorry! If you didn’t get socks this year, definitely check back next year to sign up for socks. Remember that we can only send socks out to people within the ages of 13 - 25 years old, and you only got socks if you told us with whom you’d share them! You can always make your own socks!

I still have questions about this campaign!

We have more answers! Email Sarah at with any other questions you have.

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