11 Facts About Back to School

The day after Labor Day means one thing for many of you: BACK TO SCHOOL! Gone are the lazy days of sleeping in, hanging with friends, and staying out late. But hey, it’s not completely terrible because who doesn’t love a fresh notebook and back-to-school clothes? Right?? Right.

To kick off back to school week, we’ve put together a list of facts all about this time.

  1. In August 2012, Americans spent $8.5 billion on back-to-school clothes. The only other months where sales were greater than $5 billion: October, November, and December.
  2. Meanwhile, bookstore sales in Aug. 2012 totaled $2 million.
  3. There are 56 million students projected to enroll in grades K-12 this fall. This number exceeds the 51.6 million in 1969 when the last of the baby boom children expanded school enrollments.
  4. In 2011, 52 percent of high school students held part-time positions throughout the year, while 20 percent worked full-time.
  5. Currently, there is 1 computer for every 4 students in elementary and secondary classrooms across the U.S. That’s a total of 14.2 million computers.
  6. The crayon ranks #18 on the list of most recognizable scents, according to a study done by Yale University.
  7. By the time a child turns 10 they have worn down approximately 730 crayons.
  8. Around 480,000 yellow school buses carry 25 million children to and from school every day.
  9. The school with the most students is located in Lucknow, India and is the City Montessori School.
  10. 2.4% of children worldwide have Didaskaleinophobia aka a fear of going to school.
  11. The average classroom pencil can write about 45,000 words!

Green your art room. GO

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