11 Facts About Stuttering



  1. Stuttering (aka stammering) is a communication disorder that causes the flow of speech to be broken up.
  2. Stuttering is rarely outgrown by adults. Children who are going to outgrow it usually do by 7 or 8-years-old.
  3. Almost 70 million people worldwide are stutterers.
  4. While anxiety is not the cause of stuttering, people who stutter may do so more often in stressful situations or when they focus on their stuttering as a problem.
  5. Stuttering is a biological and neurological condition that is caused by one or more of four possible triggers:
    • Genetics
    • Child development
    • Neurophysiology
    • Family dynamics
  6. There are a variety of treatment approaches to improve speech and emotionally cope with stuttering.
  7. Four times as many males than females are stutterers.
  8. A variety of apps for smartphones and tablets have been designed to help with stuttering such as Balbus Speech, Fluently, Smarty Ears, and The Stammurai (created by awesome teens who stutter!).
  9. Many famous actors, athletes, and musicians stutter. Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, B.B. King, and Tiger Woods are a few.
  10. It is very important for parents, siblings, and friends of stuttering individuals to be patient and encourage conversation in a slow and clear manner.
  11. 5 percent of all children stutter for a period of time.

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