11 Green Things to Ask on a College Tour

Choosing a college is all about asking the right questions to learn about the school you're considering. If you're into living green these are the questions you should be askin'.

  1. How does the school deal with food waste?
  2. How available is local and organic food in dining halls?
  3. Does this school work to meet LEED green building standards?
  4. Are there recycling initiatives on campus? What about composting?
  5. Does the administration have an official position or policy about going green? How easy or difficult is it to make and change policy?
  6. Are there green recreation activities to do on campus or in the area?
  7. How do students usually get across campus or off campus? How green is transportation?
  8. Are there ways to avoid using unnecessary paper (like paying tuition with e-bills and how many professors use internet essay submission)?
  9. How transparent are the school's investments and endowments? How can I know what kind of businesses the school is associated with?
  10. What about chemicals on campus? What kind of fertilizers and cleaning products do the staff use?
  11. How big is the environmental studies department? Staff? Students? Clubs?

And of course, ask your tour guide to tell you about some of his or her favorite green initiatives at the school you're looking at.

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