11 Myths About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for sexual exploitation or forced labor. You may have heard a lot about this modern-day slavery, but is what you heard myth or fact? 

Human trafficking only happens in other countries.

This may be surprising, but human trafficking happens right here in the U.S. It may be more prominent in other countries, but it’s a huge problem no matter where it happens.

Sex trafficking is the only form of human trafficking.

Unfortunately, labor trafficking is another form of human trafficking.

Prostitution is always voluntary.

Wrong. People are forced or tricked into prostitution all around the world.

Victims of human trafficking will seek help immediately.

Victims deal with self-blame, depression, and lack of trust as a result of human trafficking. It may take them a long time to have the courage to report their situation.

Only women are trafficked.

Reality check: Men, boys and girls are also sold into both sex and labor trafficking.

Human trafficking is the same thing as human smuggling.

Human smuggling involves some type of illegal border-crossing; human trafficking can take place anywhere.

Victims of trafficking are always kept locked up.

People being trafficked are not always held hostage. They could be walking down the street, making trafficking hard to spot.

People being trafficked always come from situations of poverty.

Human trafficking can happened to anyone. Just because a person has money, does not mean they are safe from being forced or tricked into trafficking.

Trafficking only occurs in secret illegal markets.

Trafficking happens in legitimate business settings too.

All traffickers are the same as what they look like in the movies.

Not all traffickers are powerful gangsters. Ringleaders of trafficking schemes could be average people, restaurant owners, politicians, businessmen, etc.

Everyone trafficked is kidnapped or tricked.

Sadly, some people are so desperate for money or food that they must resort to prostitution or labor trafficking. They sell themselves to this business because they have no choice.

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