11 Tips to Remember When Tutoring


Good grades, acceptance letters into college, and successful careers are the benefits your student will gain from tutoring. Here are 11 things to remember during this rewarding experience.

  1. Clear your schedule. Make sure to find a time of the week where you will always be free. You wouldn’t want to cancel a session before a big test.
  2. Find the areas of need. Speak to the student’s teacher or parents to find out exactly what your student needs help with.
  3. Refresh your memory. Make sure you understand the material. Nothing is more embarrassing and unhelpful than not knowing how to answer a question.
  4. Introduce yourself. Make sure to introduce and tell him or her about yourself. You want the environment to be comfortable and trusting.
  5. Give examples. If your student struggles or gets nervous, tell him or her some stories about when you had difficulty understanding a problem. Enforce that everyone makes mistakes.
  6. Be patient. Understand that your student is young and less-experienced. If he or she does not understand the problem after a few times make sure to be patient, not frustrated.
  7. Give positive feedback. When your student understands a problem, give positive feedback so that your student feels confident.
  8. Allow breaks. Learning something new can be draining. Make sure to give breaks to allow for the material to sink in.
  9. Do not argue. Talk to the parent or teacher in charge if your student does not listen or cooperate.
  10. Do not do the work. Your student will never understand the material if you do it. Ask the student to explain the problem and keep asking questions.
  11. Make the material interesting. Learn about your student’s interests and find a way to connect it to the material. You can have your student write about a hobby to work on grammar, or connect video game characters to those in a book.

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