11 Types of Eco-Friendly Clothing

Most clothing fabrics use heavy chemicals and pesticides (yuck). Do you really want to walk around in a T-shirt drenched in chlordane while releasing gross chemicals into the environment? If not, look for these eco-friendly alternatives.

  1. Organic Cotton. This normal cotton is grown without the use of dangerous chemicals.
  2. Soy Silk. Soy silk is made from the byproducts of tofu-making. For all of you soy-eating lovers out there, this is the fabric for you.
  3. Flax Linen. No pesticides or insecticides= the perfect alternative.  
  4. Bamboo. This grass grows rapidly so new bamboo quickly sprouts up to replace the plants we take. Bamboo is also biodegradable. (Bonus!)
  5. Organic Wool. Organic wool ensures that the sheep are healthy and well-treated (woot woot).
  6. Hessian Cloth (Burlap). Made from plants like jute and hemp, burlap is perfect for bags because of its breathability and durability.
  7. Cork. It is a super great alternative to leather. It looks like the real deal, without all of the animal slaughtering.
  8. Fortrel™ Ecospun. This is polyester made from recycled glass bottles that is turned into fleece. Exchange that synthetic fleece winter jacket for one of these!
  9. Tencel. This biodegradable alternative is made from wood pulp (no trees are harmed in the making). Tencel requires little processing and no harmful chemicals.
  10. Hemp. All hemp needs is rainwater to grow. It is also extremely durable, so it will last a long time.
  11. Ingeo™ Corn Fiber. Ingeo is created by using the sugars and starches from corn. 

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