5 Arguments for Lowering the Voting Age

Two young people staring from an American flag background

Since 1971, Americans 18 and older have been eligible to vote. Okay, but what about younger teens? Young people can drive and see R-rated movies, but we can't vote for President.

If you feel like something's off, here are some arguments for getting the right to cast your ballot.

  1. Teens have the civic duties as older voters. They pay taxes, and they have to abide by U.S. laws.
  2. Being a teenager doesn’t mean you are less intelligent than an old person. In fact, the human brain actually starts to shrink in old age (and senior citizens can vote).
  3. Allowing teens to vote would increase the number of voters in our country.
  4. Teens know the internet, television, and social media better than most old people. They have access to information to help make informed decisions.
  5. In many states young people can drive before 18. Driving can have fatal consequences. Voting has never injured anybody (that we know of).

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