5 Reasons Not to Buy Fur

Sad fox

When winter approaches and people start complaining about the chill, someone you know may have the urge to buy fur. "But it's so warm," they'll protest. Here are some arguments to throw back.

  1. Fur farms. Worldwide there are farms where millions of raccoon,dogs, rabbits, and other animals spend their lives in wire cages. These animals are killed with inhumane methods like electrocution or neck-breaking.
  2. Trapping. America is the world’s top producer of wild-caught animal fur. In addition to killing millions of animals for fur, traps accidentally harm pets, hunting dogs and even endangered species.
  3. Environment. Making fur products requires toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.
  4. Alternatives. There are substitutes to fur that look and feel real. The quality of faux fur has improved over the years, bringing faux fur sales to an all-time high.
  5. Consumer protection. Continuing the demand for fur creates more potential for fraud. Humane Society investigations have discovered jackets trimmed with animal fur being sold across the country without labels or falsely advertised as "faux fur." In 2000, Congress banned the import of fur products made from domestic dogs and cats, but customers are still wary that dog and cat fur is slipping into the U.S.

Resources provided and consulted by The Humane Society of the United States.