5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

We can recycle a lot of stuff. Old papers, plastic bottles, aluminum cans—you get the gist. But did you know that WAY more recyclable items live under your own roof? Here are five common items to add to your recycling list.

  1. Packing peanuts. Checking your mail and realizing that you have a package is exciting, but having packing peanuts scattered all over your floor can be annoying. Mail delivery services encourage customers to bring in their packing peanuts to be reused.
  2. Ink cartridges. It’s easy to throw an empty ink cartridge in the trash (especially when the ink runs out at a bad time), but you can recycle your old cartridges. Office supply stores like Staples accept take them.
  3. Batteries. People throw out three billion batteries every year. And the batteries that aren't recycled end up in landfills and can leak toxic chemicals into the environment (ew).
  4. Eye glasses. Did you just buy a snazzy new pair of glasses? If so, donate your old ones. An estimated 284 million people around the world have poor vision because they cannot afford care (that is A LOT).
  5. Compact fluorescent bulbs. Take those useless light bulbs to home stores like IKEA and they will recycle them for you. 

Encourage your family and friends to recycle efficiently. GO