7 Ways to be Kind to Shelter Animals


When you sang "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window" growing up, the song never included pets living in shelters. But 6 million to 8 million unwanted dogs and cats currently live in shelters. Even worse, half of them will be put to sleep. Help lower this stat through these actions.

1. Adopt. Convince your family and friends to adopt an animal from a shelter. By adopting an animal you are giving it a second chance, while saving its life.

2. Volunteer. Visit a local animal shelter and ask if they need any volunteers to help feed, brush, or walk dogs and cats.

3. Start a club. It can focus on animals (like spreading the word of adoption to your classmates). Get started on the clubs page.

4. Start an awareness campaign. Not many people know the harsh reality of what happens to shelter animals. Spread the word in your community to inspire people to adopt and help out.

5. Start a drive. Have one at your school or at a local church. Collect items such as animal food, treats, toys, newspapers and more items to donate. 

6. Spread awareness of neutering and spraying. This not only increases an animal’s life, but it also helps keep unwanted dogs and cats out of shelters.

7. Go online. Start a website and post photos of animals from shelters. Don’t forget to get the shelters help when writing descriptions about the animals!

Want to do even more for shelter animals? Here's a recipe for dog treats that will win you lots of kisses. GO