Background on Factory Farming

What is a factory farm?

An industrial operation that houses animals raised for food, like chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows.

How do factory farms treat the animals?

  • Animals are often fed antibiotics on a consistent basis
  • Animals’ bodies are physically altered to prevent them from acting with aggression and anxiety, which are common results of animals living in such extreme confinement.
    • An example of this is debeaking, the cutting through bone, cartilage and soft tissue to remove the top half and the bottom third of a chicken’s, turkey’s or duck’s beak.
  • Animals are forced to breed at an unnaturally fast rate…this causes them to be exhausted and stressed.
  • The transportation of animals to slaughterhouses can be rough and brutal. Sometimes those who are too sick to walk  are forced onto slaughter trucks with a bulldozer.

What about the humans who eat these animal products:

  • Humans who eat the dairy and meat products of factory farm-raised animals can lose some ability to fight certain bacteria and viruses, because the animals are fed antibiotics.

How you can fight animal cruelty on factory-farms:

  • Buy foods with “Certified Humane Raised and Handled” labels.
  • Ask questions and read labels  – find out where the food you buy comes from and what the practices of those farms are.
  • Start a letter-writing campaign, organize local meetings to raise awareness.
  • Find out if there are groups in your area working against factory farms and volunteer to help them.
  • If you are over 18, join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to receive updates about animal cruelty news and what you can do to help.

Source: ASPCA