Chad Bullock, 2008 Do Something Award winner: "Take a stand against smoking!"

Chad Bullock, a Do Something Award grand prize winner (where he took home $100K to continue his fight, along with a cool surfboard, at the Teen Choice Awards in 2008), is an inspiring anti-smoking activist. Who better to check in with regarding the American Cancer Society's effort to end smoking?!

Being from North Carolina, I am from a "big tobacco" state, but I refused to let that stop me from creating change where I saw a huge and solvable problem. I share all the time stories of how my great-grandfather died from tobacco use and how many of my family members are currently killing themselves by smoking.

But don't let today's fight end when today becomes tomorrow; this is a worthy cause to get involved with every single day. Tobacco use is a global issue that affects people 365 days a year. I challenge people to do stuff to make a difference: today and in the future.

To continue the effort of taking a stand against Big Tobacco, I have started the electriFYIed youth project, which is the first national program of its kind. electriFYIed is working extremely hard to excite and engage teens everywhere to take action against smoking and the tobacco industry in new and nontraditional methods. In the past couple of years, Big Tobacco has tried new and innovative tactics and that is what electriFYIed is doing as well.

To see how you can help end tobacco addiction, click here.