5 Things Low-Income Families Need (That You Don't Realize)


Breaking: 1 in 7 people live under the poverty line. And nope this isn’t happening abroad. It’s right here in the US.

Typically collection drives gather clothes and food. Yet there are other things families need that people might not be thinking about.


  • The average cost of diapers is about $2,500 from the day your baby is born until they’re potty trained. This number multiplies with each additional kid.
  • A nice alternative: cloth diapers. The average cost is about $500. 


  • About 64% of adults wear glasses. And the average cost of eyeglasses is $260. 

Paper Goods

  • Premium quality bathroom tissue has an average cost of $15. And this quickly adds up. Think: every time you go to the bathroom, blow your nose, wipe your hands.

School Supplies

  • Over 44% of children are from low income families. And buying things like books, pens, and other school necessities are probably not a high priority when faced with other bills/expenses.


  • Many homeless people can barely afford a pair of shoes (if at all). And they're always on their feet, so shoes are a necessity. Especially when forced to brave the elements.


What Can You Do?

Check out our tips on how to run a collection drive and do something about this issue. GO