7 Free Ways to Quit Smoking

Find ways to quit smoking soon!

Chances are you or someone you know smokes. And chances are you or someone you know has decided to quit smoking.

Quitting is difficult, but a lot of teens want to do it. One of the biggest things standing in your way is price. Nicotine gum costs between 10 to 50 times that of the average regular gum. E-cigarettes, fake cigarettes that slowly cut down your nicotine intake, can cost even more.

Luckily doctors and anti-smoking organizations suggest simple practices in everyday life that can help reduce and eventually eliminate your urge to smoke.

1. Try some dark chocolate

Just a little bit of this food gives a sensation similar to smoking. Dark chocolate naturally and safely raises serotonin levels which can improve mood and relieve stress (a reason people claim to smoke).

2. Practice short exercises

When you get an urge, go for a ten-minute walk. If there's no time, try some jumping jacks or other in place exercise to elevate heart rate. Exercise takes your mind off of smoking more.

3. Replace smoking with something healthy

Taking your body off of an addictive habit will initially cause stress and anxiety, so make sure that you have an alternative method of release like yoga, karate, meditation, or some other activity.

Take a deep breath

It may sound odd, but simply taking a moment to breathe in and out three times is a method to resist smoking.

4. Use a hand or mouth substitute

You might miss the habit of having something in your hand or mouth, so replace cigarettes with regular chewing gum or a cinnamon stick.

5. Avoid alcohol

Alcoholic beverages commonly trigger the urge to smoke.

6. Surround yourself with non-smokers

Create a support system so that you aren't around others smoking. Avoid parties where people smoke in groups outside and think of social activities where your friend will be less likely to smoke.

7. Set your goals

Set the date you will stop, use these methods and others suggestions, and put your plan in motion.

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