Happy Birthday Marines!


You guys don’t look a day over 235. Let’s take a look back on their life, starting with the beginning.

The Marines were never glamorous, and they certainly didn’t start out that way. Due to a resolution of the Second Congressional Congress, two battalions of the Continental Marines were created on November 10, 1775, to fight the American Revolution. Even after the success of their fighting, the Marines were temporarily disbanded for a span of 15 years. They sprung back to life, though, with the creation of the U.S. Marine Corps in 1798. They first began to get significant hype during the War of 1812, when they delayed the British from marching to Washington D.C. and being the main defense at the defense of New Orleans. While working in exotic locales like the Gulf of Mexico and Sumatra, the Marines were going through a bit of an identity crisis.

Before getting into the rest of the Marine history, what is their true identity nowadays? Essentially, the Marines are the Jack of All Trades of the Armed Forces under the U.S. Department of Defense. Technically a branch of the Navy, they’re known to attack from water and land. Once they secure their fighting grounds and other forces come to take over, the Marines swiftly move on to conquer their next conquest. They also guard the U.S. embassies overseas, which could be a risky venture.

Over time the Marines have played a significant role in combat, specifically the two World Wars. The Germans labeled their strength as that of “storm trooper quality”, and were famously depicted in the photograph “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”. The Vietnam War was rough on the soldiers, where over 13,000 men were killed and more men were deployed to the Asian country than in World War II. After a bit of a hiatus from warring, the Marines came back strong during the War on Terrorism. Forces were sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan as early as October 2001. The Marines stayed in the Middle East until they handed over their responsibilities to the U.S. Army on January 23, 2010.

Some celebrities can account for the badassery of the Marines. Some famous faces that were enrolled as a Marine include:

  • Drew Carey, comedian and current host of The Price is Right
  • The oldest astronaut in space John Glenn
  • Actor Harvey Keitel
  • Daily Show With Jon Stewart correspondent Rob Riggle
  • Reggae singer Shaggy
  • Television host Montel Williams
  • Golden Girls sweetheart Bea Arthur

The Marines have accomplished a lot during their reign in the Armed Forces, so celebrate them in an appropriate manner. Participate in Operation Gratitude, or organize a collection drive for service members.