How Can I Have a Healthy Relationship?

teens holding hands

Here are some tips to start off and keep your relationship healthy. Mutual honesty, respect and open communication are key, work towards them, here’s how.

Speak up! If something is bugging you, let the other person know. Holding it in makes it worse. If you’re not comfortable speaking up, this may be a sign something isn’t right.

Be mindful of your partner’s wishes and feelings and let them know that you are taking these things into consideration.

Compromise. Find a way to compromise if you disagree, so you can solve a conflict in a rational way.

Be open. Openly give your partner support and keep them in the loop – let them know they have your support, too.

Respect is key. Respect privacy and space – keep some things to yourself. Just because you’re in a relationship or in love, doesn’t mean you have to share everything. Make sure to take time for yourself, with your friends, and keep private passwords and online info to yourself.

Be thoughtful. With our busy lives, it’s much easier to forget to say or do something nice than it is to remember. But small gestures or a few kind words make a big difference in letting the other person know you appreciate them

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