How Many Americans Identify Themselves as Multi-Racial?

Although many Americans come from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, the U.S. census only started recording the number of people who identify with more than one race since 2000, when over 6 million people reported that they were biracial.

Since then, the number has steadily increased. By 2010, 9 million Americans indicated that they belonged to two or more race groups, and there was a 134% increase in the reported number of people who had one white and one black parent.

One has to wonder why it took so long to let people record all races with which they identify. The Census included recognition of potential mixed race from 1850 to 1920, but not from 1930 to 2000.

But if history buried the concept of mixed race, young people are bringing it back. There are more self-identifying multi-racial students in American colleges than there ever have been before. And 1 in 7 new marriages is between spouses of different races or ethniticies, which adds to our rich, multi-racial future.