Teach Your Grandparents About Technology This Hanukkah

Nearly half of all seniors don’t use the Internet. What better time to bring your grandparents out of the Dark Ages than the Festival of Light?

Hanukkah starts tomorrow night, so use this Grandparents Gone Wired guide to get started. One night’s worth of oil burning for eight nights? Amazing. But as you’ll see, teaching your grandparents to use Facebook and Skype doesn’t take a miracle.

Making latkes
Latkes are the greasiest and therefore the best food in the world. Maybe this year you want to add some new flavor to the classic potato pancakes. Pumpkin latkes, anyone? Show your grandma how to Google new recipes. Maybe you want to make your own apple sauce. Or your own sour cream. Then again, maybe you like grandma’s latkes just the way they are.

Lighting candles
What a beautiful scene: the whole family, gathered in the dark, chanting prayers, lighting the menorah. Your grandparents will be taking photos - especially if it’s your little brother’s first time to light. Show your grandparents how to upload the photos to Facebook. They can tag them. Share them. And add a caption: “Here is Jared almost burning down the kitchen!”

Playing dreidel
What do the dreidel’s letters mean? What are the rules again? If grandpa doesn’t remember, no one will. Teach him to use a search engine to look it up. Cousin Aaron’s flight is stuck in Chicago. Show your grandpa how to Skype him in for the dreidel game. Then make sure he pays up at Passover.

Exchanging gifts
Grandma will definitely take photos of you with the presents she got you. Show her how to upload them on Facebook - unless your present was an ugly sweater. In that case, introduce her to the joys of online shopping.

The other seven nights
Show your grandparents how use YouTube. Then how to email and Facebook share this year’s yet-to-be-determined Hanukkah-themed viral video. Bonus points - and laughs - if you teach them how to make a hysterical e-card on JibJab. Our fav is the rap version.

This Hanukkah, get your grandparents turned on-ukkah. You know, with Grandparents Gone Wired. GO