How To: Teach Your Grandparents Tech Basics This Christmas

Your grandparents are sure to spoil you with presents with Christmas. (Like they do every year.)

Now’s your chance to do something in return for the coolest old people in your life. Teach them Internet, Skype, and Facebook basics during our Grandparents Gone Wired campaign.

Keeping in touch will be easier than ever, so this gift will keep on both of you! Use this guide as you deck the halls:

Photo opps: These are infinite. In your pajamas on Christmas Eve. On the stairs. With the tree. With the stockings. With the cookies. With the milk. In your new matching sweaters. Teach your grandparents to upload, create albums, and tag photos on Facebook. Sweater photos optional.

Home vids: Choir concerts. Little brother’s pageant performance. Present-opening mania. Show your grandparents how to upload and share videos from YouTube. They’ll want to remember little bro’s epic performance as Tree #2.

Skype sesh: What about your other grandparents, the ones who live 800 miles away? Sure you saw them for Thanksgiving, but Christmas isn’t the same without Nana and Papa, or whatever you call them. Spending Christmas with you from across the country? It’s a Christmas miracle!

Get your grandparents plugged in, and watch them light up...kind of a like a Christmas tree. GO