How To: Teach Your Grandparents Tech Basics This Kwanzaa

Your grandparents may know Kujichagulia from Nia from Imani. But, the language of Facebook, YouTube, and Skype? To many seniors, it sounds like Swahili.

Use Kwanzaa as an opportunity to upgrade  the coolest seniors in your life. It’s Grandparents Gone Wired! Then watch their faces light up...not unlike the Kwanzaa candles. Here are three ways for three days to get you started:

Day 1, Umoja: Today celebrates unity among family, friends, and community. Stay tight with your grandparents by teaching them Skype. Most of your convos will be them complimenting how good you look. We promise.

Day 3, Ujima: A day of collective work and collaborative problem-solving. Take the opportunity to help your grandparents set up their computer. Arrange their desktop. Show them the basics. Teach them to solve their own tech issues. Ctrl + C. Ctrl + V. Ctrl + alt + delete. Clutch.

Day 6, Kuumba: On the day of creativity, you and your siblings may perform music, dance, or poetry. Teach your grandparents to upload photos and videos. Tag them. Share them. Oh, the many creative things you’ll both do.

Kwanzaa lasts seven days, but the Internet is, well, forever. Get your seniors connected today. GO