Is My Friend a Victim?

Girl consoling another girl

Do you have a friend you’re worried about? Maybe you’ve noticed changes in their behavior or style that worry you. There are obvious signs of dating violence.

Marked up

Has your friend had unexplained bruises, broken bones, sprains, or marks?


Does your friend spend excessive amounts of time with her partner? When they're with you, do they seem to always be on the phone with him?

I can’t.

Do they come up with excuses for why they can’t do the things she used to do with you? Does they seem to have dropped out of activities they used to enjoy?


Do they always seem nervous or on edge? Has she become moody?


Do they always seem to be looking over their shoulder when you hang out?


Has their girlfriend or boyfriend embarrassed them in front of you, called them names or insulted them?

Oh, no!

Does your friend flip out when you’re hanging out together and end up running late?

Style change

Have they changed the way they act or dress? Either by dressing more conservatively or more seductively?


Have they repeatedly canceled plans at the last minute with excuses that don’t seem to make any sense?

That’s new.

Has your friend started doing things she never did in the past, like smoke cigarettes, do drugs, or drink alcohol?

It’s all my fault.

Does your friend make excuses for their gf/bf's behavior?

If you said yes to two or more of these questions, your friend may be in an abusive relationship. Point your friend in the right direction by offering them our resources on teen dating abuse or suggest Break the Cycle's Safe Space. If they want to ask questions before taking action, they can ask anything or call 1.800-787-3224, the National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline for immediate help!

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