Major World Religions Chart

There are a ton of religions worldwide, making faith one of the biggest diversity factors among people. Here's a quick description of some major religions, who follows them, and what they're (briefly) about.

ReligionFollowersWhat It's About
Christianity2.1 BillionChristians believe in one God and that Jesus Christ is the son of God.
Islam1.5 BillionMuslims (Islam believers) believe in one God (Allah) and that Muhammad is the prophet.
Hinduism900 MillionHindus believe in many Gods and in Karma. Karma is a belief that the sume of your good and bad deeds determines how you will come to Earth back in your next life.
Atheism500 - 750 MillionAtheists believe in either no God, no religious practices/traditions, or both.
Confucianism394 MillionFollowers don't believe in a God. They follow manners of virtue in everyday life (i.e. wisdom, faithfulness).
Buddhism376 MillionBuddhists don't follow a God. They believe in Karma and Reincarnation (like Hindus), and also in Dharma (the path to enlightenment).
African Traditional and Diasporic100 MillionMany different religions in Africa still exist after contact was made with the Western world.
Sikhism23 MillionSikhs believe in the quality of mankind, justice, truthfulnessness, and devotion to God.
Judaism14 MillionJews believe in a single God. Their holy book, the Torah, and the nation of Israel are central to the Jewish faith.
Bahai'i7 MillionBaha'i's believe in one God who continually sends prophets into the world, such as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed.
Other335 MillionMany other religions exist in the world, including Jainism, Shinto, Paganism, and Scientology.

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