Movies About Genocide

Movie reel

Movies are one of the more enticing ways to learn about such a harsh subject like genocide. Get your popcorn ready (butter-free, of course) and prepare yourself to be touched by the power of filmmaking.


Scream Bloody Murder, Christiane Amanpour - A CNN special report from the world’s killing fields to understand why the world often reacted with indifferent. Reporting is from Cambodia, Iraq, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Darfur.


The Killing Fields - A feature film based on the story of New York Times reporter Sydney Schanberg and his Cambodian assistant, Dith Pran, who was trapped in Cambodia during the 1975 Khmer Rouge revolution and ensuing genocide.


Sometimes in April - Focuses on the atrocities that took place in Rwanda through the eyes of two Hutu brothers, one in the military and one a radio personality and follows their relationships through the genocide of the Tutsi.

Hotel Rwanda - Don Cheadle plays real-life hero Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in the Rwandan capital of Kigali who in 1994 saved 1,200 Rwandan "guests" from certain death during the genocidal clash between tribal Hutus, who slaughtered a million victims, and the horrified Tutsis, who found safe haven or died.

As We Forgive - A documentary about reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda, which chronicles two Rwanda women coming face-to-face with the men who slaughtered their families during the genocide. The government returned over 50,000 perpetrators back to the communities they helped destroy in hopes of reconciliation and viewers will encounter four neighbors once caught on opposite sides of a mass murder and their journey towards forgiveness.


Schindler’s List - The true story of Oskar Schinlder, a member of the Nazi party and an unlikely hero as a womanizer and war profiteer who saved the lives of more than 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust.

Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard) - Ten years after the Holocaust, one filmmaker documented the abandoned landscape of Auschwitz. Night and Fog is one of the first and most eerily powerful documentaries about the horrors of the Holocaust.


The Devil Came On Horseback - Exposes the tragedies of Darfur through the eyes of a young American witness who joined the African Union to help monitor a cease-fire and helplessly photographed and wrote about the unbelievable atrocity he saw before bringing the issue to light in the U.S.

Darfur Now - Follows six people who are working to end the suffering in Darfur; an American activist, an international prosecutor, a Sudanese rebel, a sheikh, a leader of the World Food Program, and Don Cheadle, who travels with fellow actor George Clooney to pressure world leaders.