11 Myths About Ocean Life


Ever thought about what is really going on in that water you are swimming in? There are some crazy thoughts about marine life, so we're here to dispell the myths. (And a few shocked us.)

  1. The ocean is salty because of whale sperm.

    No. Over time salts were added to the water from rocks on the land. The rain contains dissolved carbon dioxide. When it erodes rocks, ions (electrically charged atomic particles) are carried to the ocean during runoff.

  2. Sharks will eat you!

    Shark attacks are rare. SOMETIMES, sharks will eat humans because they mistake them for their regular food or are scared. There are 747 fatal bike accidents every year compared to only 1 shark attack.

  3. Aw, dolphins are so friendly and sweet.

    Sometimes male dolphins will gang up on a female and force her to mate.

  4. Any jellyfish sting can kill you.

    So not true. There are 1,500 types of jellyfish with only 100 being venomous to humans.

  5. An octopus is a vegetarian.

    In actuality, octopi eat small fish, shrimp, crabs, lobsters, scallops, mussels and clams.

  6. Nemo could have had sisters if the barracuda hadn’t eaten his mom and the other eggs.

    In fact, all the eggs that clownfish lay are born male. They live in sea anemones where there is a breeding male and female and their children. It is not until the mother dies that the father will change its sex. It will eventually mate with another male living in the sea anemone (son!).

  7. Seals are fish that live in Antarctica.

    Seals can be found on the beaches of California, Mexico, Hawaii, Guadalupe and Australia. They are mammals that give birth and nurse on land.

  8. Humans out number all of the other animals.

    94 percent of life on Earth is aquatic. In comparison, humans are a non-factor.

  9. Seahorses don’t sing.

    Not only are these fish bad swimmers and does the dads give birth but they make musical sounds while mating.

  10. All lobsters are red.

    They come in all different kinds of color and are only red when cooked. Additionally, their brains are in their throats and their teeth are in their stomachs.

  11. All anglerfish look the same.

    The infamous feature of this species that looks like a pole with a light bulb at the end is worn by females. The tiny parasite like male latches on to the female with its teeth. He loses his eyes and internal organs except the testes as he fuses with female. She can hold can hold up to 6 or more males on her body at once.

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