Pets Dressed as People: Cute or Cruel?

Dog in hat


See the pooch in the Chanel sweater or the adorable costume for Halloween? It is estimated that by 2015, people will have spent $35 billion on pet clothes. But is it cute or cruel?

Pros of Dressing Up Pets

  • It shows off their personality.
  • Pets like attention.
  • Clothes spice up the dreary routine.
  • If discarded, it can always become a new chew toy.
  • The outfit makes for a great photo op (FB upload!).
  • Bald, tiny, thin and old dogs may need an extra layer to stay warm during the winter.

Cons of Dressing Up Pets

  • Pets use body language in order to communicate, so form fitting clothes may stifle them.
  • Senior and special needs pets need to protect paws and sooth joints.
  • Sunglasses, jumpsuits, and wigs for cats are not functional.
  • Pets are not accessories.
  • Clothes should not affect their movement and ability to relieve themselves.
  • Under the Animal Welfare Act, it is a pet owners obligation to  make sure that all of the pets needs are met.
Are doggie strollers, diamond collars and painted nails too much? Tell us why in the comments below.

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