Prom Prep Series: Green Your Prom

Prom table

It’s prom season and Do Something is revving up to provide you with some tips to make this once-in-a-lifetime party safe and fun (and socially conscious)!

Get started with these prom guides!

  • Go from Prom Queen to Prom Green. Here are a few ways to make the big dance environmentally-friendly.
  • Travel "green-style" to the prom. Green is the new black... and that doesn't just apply to fashion. Consider making your travel to the prom as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Green your eats for the big night. The food industry accounts for a large chunk of the carbon footprint of the United States. Believe it or not, you can help! Consider lobbying your school to get organic food for your next prom or dance.
  • Green up the greenery! Nearly three out of every four cut flowers sold in the US are imported – talk about a hefty carbon footprint for something that won’t last a week! And all those heavy pesticides makes these lovely decorations not-so-natural... so go the safe route and opt for fair trade or potted!
  • How to dress-shop the eco-friendly way Attire for guys has always been green - they usually rent a tux that is worn hundreds of times (Ewww!). Girls, on the other hand… but you can change that!

These tips aren’t exclusive to prom. Throwing a summer kick off dance? Or even a block party? You can use these tips too!

Are you an LGBTQ teen thinking of taking a same-sex date to prom? GREAT! But there are some things you should know beforehand! Check out what they are here.