Reasons to Fear, Love, and Save Tigers


Whether you've had a certain affection for striped jungle cats since you got your first Tigger doll or have added fear of tigers to your list of phobia, there are plenty of reasons to love and fear these animals, and most importantly reasons to save them from extinction.


  • There are so many important and endearing tigers in pop culture. Where would Jasmine have been without Raj? Or The Hangover without it's striped bathroom guest?
  • This.
  • Unlike the homey prides of lions tigers live a life of solitude (except for the two years cubs live with their mothers), not even living with their mates. Don't you want to give all the lonely tigers a hug?


  • Tigers can weigh up to 720. So if one isn't in the mood to maul, he could always sit on you to death.
  • Tigers hunt at night so they're not easily spotted. You always knew you had good reason to be afraid of the dark
  • Tigers can run up to speeds of 40 miles per hour. Running cross country will not help you in a race against a tiger.


  • The tiger population is dropping at an alarming rate, one hundred years ago there were 100,000 jungle cats roaming free, and now there are a little over 3,000. If we don't take action, tigers could completely disappear.
  • Three sub-species of tigers have already disapeared from the world
  • Tiger stripe patterns are as unique as human finger prints. Every tiger is different and every tiger is worth saving.

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