Reasons to Love, Fear, and Save Snakes


Snakes are everywhere in pop culture: around Brittany Spear's neck, on the Slytherin house crest, on Samuel L. Jackson's plane. Whether you keep a beloved python as a pet or shriek in horror at the sight of a garden snake, there are reasons to appreciate these slithering reptiles, beware of them, and make sure they're around for generations to come.

Love Snakes

  • Baby snakes are just like us. Baby snakes will use all their venom in one bite, instead of using portion control like the mom and pop snakes. So, baby snakes mouth's are to be avoided but their lack of inhibitions are endearing.
  • 390 out of 1,000 US households have a pet snake, more than the considerably more cuddly gerbil.
  • Something snakes will always have on your puppy or kitten is a range of brilliant colors.

Fear Snakes

  • If you're suffering from ophiophobia you might think you only have to worry about snakes slinking around your feat, but the sky isn't always snake-free. Flattening itself the paradise tree-snake can glide through the air.
  • A snake bit isn't the only way the critters can inflict their venom on a victim. Spitting cobras can spray there venom up to three meters away. And you thought your teacher spitting when he talks was a problem.
  • Snakes can carry salmonellosis, a disease that can cause diarrhea and fever. So whether your gently touching your cousin's cobra to prove your not afraid or lovingly petting your own snake, always wash your hands afterwards.

Save Snakes

  • Snakes have a diet of lots of creatures we'd like to see less of like rodents and termites. Less snakes means more pests, so save the snakes and save your voice (less pests, less going up on higher ground and screaming in fear).
  • Snake venom is being used in medical advances. Researches are currently looking at ways certain snake venom can treat cancer and stroke victims.
  • There are five species of snakes that are endangered in the US alone. If we don't save endangered species they can become extint and future generations will never be able to enjoy them.

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