Start a Bake Sale Fundraiser to Adopt an Endangered Animal


Get your school, class, or club to start a bake sale to raise enough money to adopt an endangered animal. You don't get to keep it (sorry) but it does get to live in a conservatory free from harm.

  1. Figure out which endangered animals have conservation projects which allow adoption by checking with different endangered animal organizations
  2. Get everyone who is involved with your project to vote on the animal they would most like to adopt. 
  3. Just to be sure, get in touch with the conservation organization for the animal you're looking to adopt so they know you're interested, and you can be positive you're doing everything you need to be doing.
  4. Have everyone in your class/club/organization bring in baked goods to sell. Having a successful bake sale depends on few key ideas:
    • Figure out exactly how much you'll need adopt the animal of your choosing!
    • Make sure you sell your goodies in a high-traffic area. No one is going to buy baked goods from the supply closet. Try places such as outside the cafeteria, near the entrance, in classrooms where eating is allowed.
    • Keep track of what people are buying. If your grandma's strawberry cupcake recipe sells out in an hour, and no one has purchased a single oatmeal raisin cookie, bring more cupcakes the next day. 
  5. Contact the conservation organization to find out how to donate the money. Often they will send back a stuffed animal as well. Score!

Not a baker? Host a benefit concert instead. GO