Terms You Should Know about Gangs

gang in alley


Black street gang originated in Los Angeles in the summer of 1972. Gang color is red.

Blood-In Initiation

Initiated member must shed someone's blood, which may include murder.

Blood Out

Member's blood spilled to get out of gang.

Blood-In Blood-Out

Also known as a Mexican Mafia motto, it is a requirement to join some gang. In order to join, you must kill someone. Your death (natural or by being killed) is the only way out of the gang.


One of the biggest and most violent black street gangs in the United States originating in Los Angeles in 1969. Gang color is blue.

Five Percenters

A group founded in Harlem in 1964 that teaches that man is their own God.


Gang colors


Slang for "gangster" - for members of the Five Percenters, letter "G" represents a belief that 5 Percenters are God.


Signs, symbols, writings, defining a gang's neighborhood, turf, or territory.


Neighborhood gangs; term used for a gang by members of street gangs. Many sets are loyal to the Bloods, Crips, or People or Folks Nations.

Zip gun

Homemade pistol.

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