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1 in 3 of Us is over! In case you missed it, here's what happened:

1 in 3 young people will be in an unsafe or unhealthy relationship. The line between an affectionate relationship and a controlling, dangerous one can be super blurry. By spotting and acting on the signs of abusive partners, you can promote healthy relationship behavior to keep you and your friends safe. Our members shared our Spot the Signs guide and free 1 in 3 of Us metallic tattoos with friends to teach them how to spot red flags for dating abuse.

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Maricella won the $5,000 1 in 3 of Us scholarship!

"The 1 in 3 of us campaign is important to me because I now know that 1 in every 3 of my closest friends and family members will, or have experienced the trauma of being in an abusive relationship. It is important to realize that the victims AND the abusive person may or may not have realize that what they are going through or doing is abuse. This campaign allows me to spread awareness of this 1 in 3 fact and help both victims and abusers identify the signs of abusive relationships. "

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