What You Did

96,895 Members Participated

$488,650 Money Donated

25,000 Women is over. Together, you donated $488,650 of other people's money to working women in need!

All across the world, women in the workforce face difficult circumstances as they try to support themselves and their loved ones. By sharing the 25,000 Women SMS experience, you educated your friends on these conditions and unlocked a real donation that went to women starting businesses in Kenya, El Salvador, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Mongolia.

Thanks to everyone for supporting these entrepreneurs!

The Buzz

25,000 Women on the Teen Choice Awards!

The 25,000 Women PSA was also featured on Channel One, National Cinemedia, and On Campus Media.

You Made It Big!

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Scholarship Winner

Misty shared the 25,000 Women SMS Experience with her friends and gave out a loan to a woman in Kenya. She won an $3,000 scholarship!

"International women's rights are important to me because often women are the backbone of the family; they are responsible for raising and educating their children and without improving the situation for women, the cycle of poverty and abuse will continue. I am going to school for social work and would like to use my degree to continue to educate people on how to organize and advocate for change in their lives and in the the world at large."

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