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This campaign is over! In case you missed it, here’s what happened:

2.5 million US youth experience homelessness every year, and many kids’ birthdays fall while they are in a shelter, making it hard to celebrate.

That's why we teamed up with Johnson & Johnson on the Birthday Mail campaign! Incredible members like you made and mailed thousands of birthday cards to kids in shelters. These birthday cards show kids across the country that they're valued and loved, especially in the face of incredibly challenging circumstances. Thank you to everyone who created thoughtful and meaningful cards!

Don't let your creative juices (and your generosity) stop flowing with this campaign! Upload photos to Johnson & Johnson's Donate a Photo app. For each photo donated to DoSomething.org, Johnson & Johnson will make a $1 donation toward Birthday Mail! More photos = more cards = more smiles for those in need!

The Buzz

Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler as the (amazing!) faces of Birthday Mail

In this PSA, the young dance stars show us how important it is to make sure that children in shelters have a chance to celebrate their birthdays!

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"Birthdays are new starts, fresh beginnings, a time to start new endeavors with new goals and move forward with fresh confidence and courage. This campaign is important to me because, everyone is special and deserves to have an amazing day and the biggest smile ever on their birthdays. Happy Birthday lots of hugs, love and kisses for you."

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