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This campaign is over! In case you missed it, here’s what happened.

More than 3 in 4 teens feel like they don’t know enough about personal finance. We teamed up with H&R Block Dollars & Sense to give you the tools to help over 40,000 people learn how to save smarter.

You told us the craziest thing you did to save money and challenged your friends to submit stories even crazier than yours. You also rated each others' stories on a "believability" scale, called BS on your friends, and vouched for their stories.

Every story was either smart, surprising, or hilarious. Here are a few that were especially awesome.

The Buzz

Far East Movement Shares Their Money Saving Stories

Far East Movement made this hilarious PSA with us sharing their own strategies for saving money! Some were more effective than others...

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Scholarship Winner

Kelley won a $4,000 scholarship for college! The craziest thing she's ever done to save money?

"I made duct tape flip flops."

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