What You Did

2,003 Members Participated

59,864 Electronics recycled

The campaign is over! In case you missed it, here’s what happened.

Students signed up with their schools and ran some pretty epic E-Waste Drives. You put love, sweat, and tears (ok, slight dramatization) into these drives and ultimately recycled 59,864 pieces of e-waste. BAM.

Big ups to all the awesome members, like Alysha A., who got local press to hype her drive and mobilized 60 people in her high school to recycle 492 items!

Congrats to…

Valparaiso High School

Grant Winner

This drive collected 4,594 pieces of unwanted electronics to donate. They had to literally rent a U-Haul to drop and recycle it all at Best Buy! Here's what they said:

"There is a lot more electronic waste in the world than we realized. People were very appreciative knowing that a responsible business was destroying electronics that contained private information. Recycling is important to us because we're helping to protect the environment by reusing non-biodegradable materials to create something new."

In partnership with Best Buy
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