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This campaign is closed! Here's what happened.

70% of people who need a bone marrow transplant rely on a complete stranger for a donation. Beyond that, black people and other people of color have a much harder time finding a donor match. BUT GUESS WHAT. The most successful transplants come from people ages 18 to 44. That's you!

That's why 68,598 stepped up to share information with your friends about how easy it is to join the Be The Match bone marrow registry and because of you thousands (yup thousands) joined the bone marrow registry. Thanks so much for helping us (literally) save lives!

Congrats to…


Shoutout to Victoria who won the Give a Spit About Cancer scholarship! She won the $3,000 dollar scholarship for hooking her friends up with info on how to join the bone marrow registry.

"This campaign is important to me because donating bone marrow can save lives!"

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