What You Did

81,247 Members Participated

11,198 Older Adults Taught

This campaign is over! In case you missed it, here’s what happened...

Loneliness can increase stress levels and, therefore, chances of disease in older adults. But smartphones can help! They can help improve the health of older adults but 77% of seniors need help getting started using them. That's where you came in: You helped older adults take their texting skills to the next level (or the first level) and taught them how to use emojis.

Thanks to everyone who taught older adults how to up their texting game and special shoutout to these members who really rocked the campaign!

Congrats to…


"My grandmother didn't know how to even call someone from my iPhone, so thanks to this campaign she cannot only call for emergencies, but she can also text and play games for her enjoyment and feel a part of this new and upcoming society. I'm saving up money now to buy her an iPhone! After she got interested, she told me to teach her friends and I ended up holding a class and got a few of my friends to help as well. The seniors and adults were so happy, I'm thinking about continuing this every month and teaching them new things every time. Thank you do something for inspiring me and opening my eyes to this issue."

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