What You Did

7,186 bookmarks made

This campaign is over. ICYMI, here's what happened...

In 2015, a leading publisher’s geography textbook described slavery as African workers immigrating to the US “to work on agricultural plantations.” These kinds of errors and omissions are known as “erasure” and appear in textbooks all over the country.

Although the publisher who misrepresented slavery in the US apologized and worked hard to fix the problem, erasure in textbooks remains a HUGE issue impacting students across the country. Over 80,000 members like you took history into their own hands and made bookmarks of stories often left out to insert in their textbooks and fight erasure.

HUGE shoutout to everyone who fought erasure and demanded that inclusive histories be told!

Congrats to…


Scholarship Winner

Austin is the winner of the $3,000 Missing in History scholarship! Here's what Austin had to say:

"This campaign is important to me because there are many people that do great things but never make it to the history books. I wanted to do my part in bringing these people the lime light they deserve."

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