The Problem

THIS JUST IN: A brand new study shows that 2016 was the earth’s hottest year ever recorded, which contributed to the extreme weather that caused 138 deaths and $46 billion in damage across the US.

The Solution

What causes those hotter temperatures? Greenhouse gases. And can we do anything about it? Yes. We. CAN!

THURSDAY CHALLENGE: Collect and recycle 5 aluminum cans. Upload a photo of the cans in the Prove It section below, and you'll enter to win a $3,000 scholarship!

What You Get

You'll get helpful tips on recycling, helpful examples from other members, and the chance to win a $3,000 scholarship! (PLUS, by completing today's challenge, we'll tell you about tomorrow's. Every challenge you complete gives you another entry towards the scholarship!)

Collect 5 cans TODAY!

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