What You Did

46,157 Members Participated

79,430 Food Items Donated

This campaign is over! In case you, missed it, here’s what happened:

Around 50 million people live in households without enough food to eat. Since more and more people rely on food banks and pantries, you collected (TONS of) peanut butter in their schools and communities.

Long-lasting, delicious, and and positively packed with protein, the PB you donated is seriously appreciated by food banks. Huge “jam, slam, thank you, ma’am!” to all of you! And a special shout-out to these members who really spread the love.

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Scholarship Winner

Madison rocked PB & Jam Slam and won a $10,000 scholarship for college. Way to go! Here's what she had to say:

"I participated in PB & J Jam Slam because I've always had this urge to encourage and lead others to help the world in a life changing way. I thought by doing this I could let people know we can change the world in a very simple way. "

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