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This campaign is over! In case you missed it, here’s what happened.

Millions of puppies are born in horrible conditions each year, just so puppy mills can make a profit. In this choose-your-own-adventure SMS game, you and your friends stepped into the shoes of a pet store employee who discovers their store supports puppy mills.

During the game, you shared tips for fighting puppy mills with your friends and helped them find local pet stores that do not buy from puppy mills. Thanks to you and our partners at ASPCA!

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Scholarship Winner

Allison rocked the Puppy Text and won a $3,000 scholarship for college! Here's what she said:

"I've always been interested in volunteering with my local animal shelter. I've also had the opportunity of volunteering with the National Honor Society in high school and am starting to volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity, an organization I joined at my university this fall. I plan on graduating with my master's degree in social work, which will allow me to pursue child advocacy and other career paths associated with the welfare of my community. And if I was a Crayola crayon color, I would be blue."

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