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Every single day at school can be an uphill battle depending on how much money your family makes. In the School Your School text-message guide, DoSomething.org members learned all about how unexpected problems surrounding breakfast, school supplies, and after-school programs create huge challenges for many students.

This back-to-school season, over 20,000 members helped make their schools more fair by sharing tips with friends on how to spot and tackle inequality. Way to go!

Congrats to…


Scholarship Winner

Laycee was the School Your School $1,000 scholarship winner for August! Here's what Laycee had to say:

"This campaign is important to me because it has provided a way for me to reach my school and community in a way that I could not have before. This is not only a scholarship opportunity, but an educational tool to broaden minds about projects to better schools. DoSomething.org gave me ideas on ways to become a leader in my school, and provide services to people in my community. I started a breakfast program so any student at my high school could have breakfast on the go -even if they were late. This allows hungry teens in my school to not have to worry about not having food in their house, or not having time to grab a bite before class. This campaign has made me a better student, leader and member of my community. "


Scholarship Winner

Alannah was the School Your School $1,000 scholarship winner for September! Here's what Alannah had to say:

"I wanted to make the world a better place. This may have been just a tiny step, but it leads to even bigger changes."

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