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Older adults who feel lonely or isolated have a higher chance of depression and physical decline. Aww. That's no good! But guess what? One-on-one interactions with older people have been shown to fight that isolation and cheer them up.

That's why 26,532 of you teamed up with us and AARP's #DisruptAging movement up to swap stories this Holiday Season with an older adult in your life. You learned about everything from how your next door neighbor is actually a Grammy Award Winning composer to how your Grandma is planning on going skydiving when she hits 80 years old. But more than that, many of you learned that older adults and young people face many of the same challenges! I think it goes without saying that the real gift this holiday season was understanding between generations. Awwwwww.

Huge thanks to everyone working to end senior Isolation and #DisruptAging!

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"The Senior Story Swap was important to me because I absolutely love talking to older adults, especially about something person or a conversation about our life. It is always so fun and interesting to listen to them!"

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