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72% of college students say personal finance stresses them out. That can have a serious impact on their mental health. Buhhhh. That's no good! But guess what? Students with greater financial confidence are less likely to report financial stress, and learning easy ways to manage money is a great way to build that confidence. Phew!

That's why 65,006 of you joined us and SunTrust's onUp movement to increase your financial confidence! You did this by playing a game of would you rather where you answered questions like "To make extra cash, would you rather set up a lemonade stand as a grown adult OR sell your most recent expensive purchase online??" You answered the questions and we provided (real!) ways to save money.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped their friends increase their financial confidence!

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"Spend Your Cheddar Better Campaign it's important because learning how to manage the economy helps to be less stress out during college and that's healthy for our minds."

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