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Step Up to Bullying is over! In case you missed it, here are the deets:

In 2011, almost 1 in 4 students reported being bullied at school during the school year. The good news: More than half the time, bullying stops within 10 seconds of a bystander stepping in to help. That's why members marked spots in their schools where they stood up to bullying with (removable) footprint stickers.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Vinny Guadagnino Steps Up to Bullying

Vinny from "The Jersey Shore" starred in the Step Up to Bullying PSA and reminded us that fists are for pumping, not punching.

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Kelsey won one of the Step Up to Bullying scholarships! Here's what she said:

"During my rowing season last spring, I stood up to bullying for Nate, and I realized how quickly bullying can become emotionally devastating for the person being bullied. We were having our annual swim test, and the underclassmen were joking around with each other. However, the jokes centered on Nate. He was laughing along, but I could tell he wasn't amused. As an upperclassman, I knew I had the authority to stop their mean comments, but before I could walk over, one guy slapped Nate on the back. I dashed over, and I saw that Nate's back was sporting a bright red hand print. Trying very hard to keep calm, I turned to the guy who had thought it hilarious to physically assault his teammate, and I told him that he was not allowed to be around Nate the rest of practice. I also said that I would be telling Coach once she got to the pool. This caused the group to scatter. Once they had left, I turned to Nate and asked if he was okay. Trying to defend his pride, he nodded and said, 'Yes,' but I noticed that there were tears in his eyes. During the rest of the season, if Nate was ever bullied in front of me, I dealt with it in the same manner, even though the bullies' attitudes didn't change much. However, I also worked hard to encourage and support Nate as much as I could, especially once I was voted Team Captain. I know that I was able to make a real difference in Nate's life, not just by stopping bullies, but also by giving him compliments and trying to lift his self-esteem, and that made all my stepping up worth it."


Scholarship Winner

Adebukola was another big winner!

"Thanks DoSomething.org for the scholarship!"

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