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At least 59% of young people know texting-and-driving is dangerous (duh). But 46% drive distracted anyway. Who's most likely to stop your friends from driving dangerously? Umm...YOU!

That's why 9,103 of you stepped up to make and share Thumb Socks (yep, little socks for your thumbs) with your friends to remind them not to text behind the wheel. Huge thanks to everyone working to bring texting-and-driving to a screeching halt, and special shoutout to these members who rocked the socks off this campaign!

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Scholarship Winner

"This campaign was a blessing for me to be a part of. As a teenager I know how we think, “It can’t happen to me”, or when an adult tries to talk to us about texting and driving; we tend to sometimes be hard headed. But this was a real eye opener for me, because this campaign can be a real life saver for anyone. I was very impressed to see the amazing ideas of the other candidates, and was more amazed at how many entering’s this campaign received. This campaign meant a lot to me because I know very close people that lost their lives due to texting and driving. People who text and drive always think they have enough time; until it’s too late. I do not want to lose another friend or family member from a message that could have been put on hold. No text is worth losing your life over! You should never be put in jeopardy like that while driving nor should you send a text to someone else while they are driving. Send it and you’re dead, but ignore it and you’re safe to go home instead. Thanks so much for the amazing opportunity. I’ll remember this forever and always!"

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