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This campaign is over. ICYMI, here's what happened...

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, yet nearly 500,000 people die each year due to cigarette smoking.Thousands of young people took a quiz to find out whether Big Tobacco’s predatory marketing is specifically targeting their neighborhoods. Members shared their results on social media to blow the lid off BT’s disgusting tactics, increasing negative sentiment about BT, and creating a movement of young people dedicated to anti-smoking and anti-discrimination.

HUGE shoutout to everyone who helped fight BT and blow the lid off their profiling tactics!

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"I have seen the terrible effects of tobacco on my grandfather, uncle, and even a few friends this early in our lives. I don’t wish that on anybody. Being an asthmatic person, the thought of smoking or chewing has never crossed my mind, but others do fall prey to Big Tobacco. They are smart and calculated in how they market, but I’m glad that DoSomething.org and truth are working to make sure we are educated enough to abstain from tobacco use."

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